Twitter Growing Fast, Can We Use it to Help Us?

Tweet, tweets, Twitter, re-tweet, it sounds a little like everyone is a little twitterpated.

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We have all heard about Twitter but what is it really, and should we pay any attention to it? 

Well, twitter is like a blog only shorter (only 140 characters).  It is also like a big chat room except that you get to pick who you are talking with and listening to.  Finally, Twitter is like instant messaging except it’s archived and searchable.

Twitter is also growing fast.  Melissa Miller in her blog post Twitter Usage Per Capita: How States Compare [Infographic] shares growth rates of Twitter usage by state.  It’s interesting that Oregon has the 3rd fastest grow rate in the U.S.  Furthermore, Oregon’s per-capita Twitter usage is 60% higher than the national average.

Should we pay attention to Twitter?  YES!  For business, politics, and news Twitter is quickly becoming an invaluable source of information. 

I believe Twitter will become the information bridge between Tribal Council and the Tribal membership.  Recently, Council has come under member criticism for traveling too much and lack of accountability for work time.  If Tribal Council members were to tweet about their work day, be it traveling or in the home office, the membership’s concerns would be dispelled.  Likewise members would better understand the time demands placed on our Tribal Council.

Would you follow a Tribal Council member on Twitter?


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