Conflict of Interest, another Ethics Complaint

Vice Chairman, Reyn Leno

Others and I continue to witness CTGR Vice Chairman, Reyn Leno, engaging in unethical behavior.  Recently, Mr. Leno failed to recuse himself from a Tribal Council proceeding where he had a conflict of interest.  This involved an employment hiring process.  Because of this unethical conduct I filed an ethics complaint (click here to see the sworn Ethics Complaint) against him on November 9, 2011.

I am writing this post to give the Tribal membership all the information regarding this complaint and the proceedings.  As of the time of this post I have not received any formal acknowledgement from the Tribal Council regarding their receipt of the complaint or that they have taken any action to delegate the complaint to a hearings officer.

As more information becomes available to me, I will post it here to keep you, the CTGR membership, informed.


About andyjenness

Christian, Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Grand Ronde Tribal Member, Entrepreneur, Friend. Education: BS Economics, Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Science in Journalism; University of Oregon. Personality: Passionate, Compassionate, Champion for Justice.
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3 Responses to Conflict of Interest, another Ethics Complaint

  1. Clifford Olson says:

    I can’t wait to see how Reyn gets out of this complaint. I feel like your case is rock solid and there should be no way he can get out of not recusing himself from your interview.

    • andyjenness says:

      Clifford, I believe Mr. Leno’s actions are indefensible but you never really know what your going to get with the Tribe. I thought his receiving services at deep discounts from Round Valley (RV) while he was the Chairman of the Board for RV was also indefensible and yet he was able to distort Tribal Law and get off scott free. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Clifford Olson says:

    Our tribal council and administration is going to try and sweep your complaint under the rug. Don’t let them! Youv’e got more power in our tribe than you think. Congrats on the wonderful grandchild. Clifford

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