Get Involved: One Tribal Elders Plea

Margaret Provost Video LIink

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This post is an effort to help Tribal Elder, Margaret Provost, with a message she wants the Grand Ronde membership to hear.  The letter to the editor in Smoke Signals and this video (Margaret Provost’s Plea: Get Involved) contain Margaret’s words and passion.  In short she is pleading with the membership to GET INVOLVED!  Margret asks that every Grand Ronde Tribal member do three things:
1.  Register to Vote
2.  Vote in all Tribal Council elections
3.  Register and Vote in BIA constitutional elections

Tribal Elder, Margaret Provost

While interviewing Margaret it struck me, the amount of effort and sacrifice that went into restoration. Margaret and others expended a large amount of personal time and resources so we could enjoy the Tribe we have today.  It also weighed heavy on my heart how the majority of adult Tribal members will not  put forth the effort to get involved, register to vote, and vote in our Tribal elections.

My hope is that this will motivate you to first, register to vote and second, to vote in our Tribal elections.  If you are not registered to vote you must fill out a Signature Verification Form (SVF) and mail or deliver it to the Election Board.  Download this form by clicking on SVF.  The mailing address for the Election Board is:

Election Board
9615 Grand Ronde Rd.
Grand Ronde, OR 97347

It is important to note that for BIA constitutional amendment elections you need to register directly with the BIA and they will provide the registration materials at the time of the election.

Please, let us all honor the hard work of Margaret and others who fought for restoration and GET INVOLVED!

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