About Me

The important things in my life: I have to say relationships are the most important things in my life. Relationships are the only thing you will take to heaven with you. First, my relationship with my God through His son Jesus Christ influences me in everything I do. Out of that relationship flows the love I have for my wife (Patty), my children (7 daughters and 2 son-in-laws), and now grandchildren. My family is truly a blessing from the Lord and something I cherish dearly. Also, I have a great passion for my Tribe (Grand Ronde) and fellow Tribal members. I hope and work to see them prosper in every aspect of their lives.

Serving others just as Christ did is something I aspire to. Whether that is helping clean up a mess, teaching in children’s ministry, or just slowing down to listen and sympathize with someone I enjoy helping others.

Likewise, I value education. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Economics, a Masters in Business Administration (focus in Entrepreneurship), and a Masters in Journalism (focus in Public Relations) all from the University of Oregon. Yes I am a Duck!

The birth of a new business idea really gets my heart pounding and my excitement level up. I absolutely love working through the details of a start-up business. From conception, proof of concept, business model, management, and customer service I believe entrepreneurial innovation is what makes our country great.

For fun I enjoy being with my family. Together we attend Life Bible Church in Harrisburg, Oregon. We play a lot of pinochle and croquet when the weather is nice or we are at the beach. During the summer we often enjoy s’mores around the fire pit in our yard. But, mostly we enjoy eating together at MYOP (make your own pizza night) or after church lunch or Saturday morning big breakfast.

I have to give my Lord, Jesus Christ, all the glory.  He has truly blessed me.


One Response to About Me

  1. JoAnne Gauthier says:

    Posoh Mip,
    Would love to talk/ email.
    I am Menominee, our Tribe was ” restored” 12/22/73, thanks in part to the efforts of my family members who were D.R.U.M.S. members. I was 9 when we were restored, never knew I was anything but Menominee until I was old enough to understand the whole affair. Proud my family never accepted that “terminated” language or mind set, glad I was always told I was Menominee.
    Maec wae wae non,

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