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Christian, Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Grand Ronde Tribal Member, Entrepreneur, Friend. Education: BS Economics, Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Science in Journalism; University of Oregon. Personality: Passionate, Compassionate, Champion for Justice.

Tribal Council Candidacy 2012

I am passionate about our Tribe. We face many important issues that will shape the Tribes future. As members we must recognize these issues and support leaders who are capable of designing and executing solutions that benefit the whole Tribe. … Continue reading

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Prosperity to Scarcity: a Decade of Abundance

Running for Tribal Council is a weighty endeavor. When I ran and served on Tribal Council in the early 90s it was much different. I don’t remember having to mail out a flyer to every Tribal member at a cost … Continue reading

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Get Involved: One Tribal Elders Plea

This post is an effort to help Tribal Elder, Margaret Provost, with a message she wants the Grand Ronde membership to hear.  The letter to the editor in Smoke Signals and this video (Margaret Provost’s Plea: Get Involved) contain Margaret’s … Continue reading

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Conflict of Interest, another Ethics Complaint

Others and I continue to witness CTGR Vice Chairman, Reyn Leno, engaging in unethical behavior.  Recently, Mr. Leno failed to recuse himself from a Tribal Council proceeding where he had a conflict of interest.  This involved an employment hiring process.  … Continue reading

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Unjust Ethics Decision

In February 2011 I filed an ethics complaint against the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Tribal Council Vice Chairman, Reyn Leno for what I believed was unethical behavior when he had work completed at his private residence by Round Valley … Continue reading

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Holding Tribal Council Accountable: Ethics Charges Filed

As some of you know, in an effort to hold the Tribal Council accountable, I have filed ethics charges against Tribal Council Vice Chairman Leno.  You can view the full complaint here: (Ethics complaint Reynold Leno 02-24-2011).  I want the … Continue reading

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Tribal Member Donation Voucher

I am going to propose this idea to the Tribal Council but before I do, I would really appreciate your feedback.  Please watch this video on my proposed Tribal Member Donation Voucher program and tell me what you think. Thank … Continue reading

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Some Tribal Leaders Sing Transparency but Build Walls Instead

Recently I had a frustrating experience with our Tribal Council.  I am not frustrated with the whole council but some.  Here is my quest for some information that should be available to Tribal members: Timeline for Round Valley LLC information request: September 15, … Continue reading

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A proud Tradition of Giving, Spirit Mountain Community Fund

Spirit Mountain Community Fund (SMCF) is our Tribe’s, The Grand Ronde Tribe’s, arm for corporate social responsibility.  It has several giving programs aimed at various project areas including education, health, arts & culture, the environment and others.  Last year SMCF reached … Continue reading

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Establishing an Online Tribe

A Tribe is a large extended family connected by physical, emotional, and family ties as well as by heritage and tradition.  My Tribe, the Grand Ronde Tribe, faces the challenge of dispersion.  Thus, we must build our Tribe or community … Continue reading

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